Calling All Ghostwriters

Author: Claudia  //  Category: Ghostwriting

Okay, full disclosure: my life is all about ghostwriting. It what I do for a living. It’s what I teach privately and through CSULB. It’s what I write about in posts and books. It’s what my nonprofit organization is all about, it’s what the Ghostwriters Unite conference was all about, and it’s what gives life to many, many good books.

I know I’m not alone. Over the past several years, my cohorts and I, both on and off our board of directors, been actively reaching out to meet other ghostwriters and aspiring ghostwriters with an eye to developing community, sharing best practices, and boosting our endeavors from freelance to professional.

Toward that end, I’m asking for your help. I know you are inundated with surveys every time you turn around, but this one is for a very specific purpose: to help us find and understand the individuals in our wide-flung community, so we can better plan the next ghostwriting conference. The information you provide will give us a better idea of who you are, how you work, and what you want.

Please click here to take the survey — and many, many thanks for participating!